Centech Interactive launches mobile version of Insank – Leading the trend of selling insurance in everywhere, at anytime

To meet the current digital transformation needs in the insurance market, Centech Interactive is constantly developing and upgrading the Insbank platform – a digital insurance sales platform for insurance companies, banks and insurance agents, insurance sales channel associated with superior facilities. Most recently, the mobile app version of Insbank has been launched and put into operation since April 2020, helping agents and employees of insurance companies who often have to move but  still can perform the calculation of certificate issuance fee and payment for their customers in just 1 minute and and do not need paper sheet.

Centech Interactive launched the mobile version of the Insbank platform in April 2020

Centech Interactive with lots of experience in implementing digital transformation solutions for businesses (Digital Transfomation) is one of the first units in the market to deploy intelligent software for insurance agents, insurance advisor with exclusive features for the insurance business. With a user-friendly interface, smart and easy to use, directly connected to the core insurance system, the application brings great experience and convenience to agents and sales staff, helping them improve their sales productivity, reduce travel time and cost of sales, increase sales. In addition, Insbank is also integrated with modern technology to help the process of consulting, tracking and issuing insurance policies take place as quickly and smoothly as possible, shortening the time for insurance partners using this platform.

Some highlights on Insbank mobile version:

Friendly UX / UI – Quick data entry, manual paper cuts

Dashboard – Smart order statistics

Intelligent and detailed reporting system – Easily record sales by criteria, friendly graphing interface, easy to compare and flexible charts.

Charging and issuing electronic certificates on the app – Quickly less than 1 minute

Along with other features on the website version is also fully available on the mobile app version. Insbank is currently being improved to bring a perfect experience for users.

With a commitment to improving the 5-star experience in services for customers and partners, Centech Interactive will continue to upgrade the Insbank application to become the leading application in the market providing comprehensive utilities for businesses. insurrance.

For information about Insbank products and services, please contact our Customer Service Center:

Email: contact@centechinteractive.vn

Hotline: 1900 633 356

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