Introducing the Insbank solution

Insbank solution – a technology product of Centech Interactive Joint Stock Company (Cenin) to bring a fully automatic insurance technology experience to customers. Customers can register, pay and receive electronic insurance certificates in just a few minutes, moreover, insurance compensation is also fully automatic with payment time within 24 hours.

Insbank helps insurance companies, banks, financial institutions and insurance agents carry out all insurance transactions from calculating premiums, commissions, issuing applications and managing claims completely online. through a digital platform, helping these organizations minimize paperwork, calculate efficiency, shorten transaction times, support online payment and perform online insurance activities entirely on All platforms such as Web, Mobile web, App.


  1. Helping Banks and Insurance Agents to optimize the process of serving customers from information processing, product sales, compensation payment …; at the same time help customers access insurance products more quickly.
  2. All processes and transactions are converted through digital technology, helping sales, statistics, reporting, approval, look up and access information quickly, efficiently, saving customers time. line; Systematically managed data and information, increasing security …
  3. Designing optimal UX solutions, UI brings the best user experience to all users of the solution
  4. The ability to integrate multiple insurance products provided by many companies with real-time comparison information
  5. Developed by a team of in-depth knowledge of insurance operations, able to integrate insurance core along with the ability to customize and develop according to customer requirements.
  6. The issuance of insurance prints is done online for a short time, helping insurance companies and agents shorten the process as well as the time for charging and issuing invoices to customers.
  7. Operating on cloud platform, Software As A Servive model helps insurance companies and agents shorten deployment and installation time, minimize costs.


  • Consulting: find out customers’ needs about products of interest
  • Introduce products: Enter customer information on the interface of INSBANK solution, provide customers with a list of insurance products from different brands, offering options for customers.
  • Sales: Customers select products, enter information and sign contracts
  • Complete: Signing the contract, transaction information is automatically transferred to the insurance company, updated on the bank’s database for inspection and monitoring.


  • With banks joining the system: creating new sources of income, expanding the product portfolio, increasing customer retention, attracting more new customers.
  • With insurance companies: establish sufficient technological factors so that banks can participate in bancassurance channel, expand market share, increase sales.
  • With customers: can use the “package” financial services with lower costs and more convenient
  • Brokerage benefits: detailed control of each insurance benefit according to each insurance plan as well as the insured limit for each type of benefits
  • Optimizing customer sales, inspection and compensation processes for quick and easy implementation

Solution description

  • Sales module: Provides online selling tools with full features and operations. Serving the sale of non-life insurance products of one or more insurance companies simultaneously.
  • Statistics management: Management, statistics and monitoring tools for leaders, supporting sales tracking process, performance statistics throughout the system. Reports are provided in real time
  • Services: Training, warranty, maintenance, feature upgrading services throughout the process of providing solutions for banks
  • The products are supported by the Insbank solution:
  1. Motor vehicle insurance
  2. Travel insurance
  3. Home insurance
  4. Credit security

Forms of supply (including 2 forms)

Form 1 – On Premise:

  • Package solution, install and store in partner’s internal system
  • White Label brand partner on the product

Form 2 – On Cloud:

  • Provide solution package of cloud storage. Partners do not have to invest in infrastructure.
  • White Label brand partner on the product

The role of the supplier – Centech Interactive

  • Training how to use: Organize a training course to guide sales solutions and processes for Insbank’s partners.
  • Deploying to provide solutions: Providing system platforms, user accounts to the departments, personnel in charge
  • Support sales activities: Tracking, support, customer care and troubleshooting arising
  • Development: Actively cooperate with insurance companies, provide additional products and insurance services, complement the solution and product range of banks