5 reasons to choose Insbank - A digital solution of insurance sale and management

2019-10-29 14:42:15

Ngày 16/10/2019, Centech Interactive cooperated with PVI Insurance Corporation to officially launch the new Insbank product - a solution for digitizing management and selling insurance. The products that were officially used on PVI's sales channel, PVCombank, made the first transactions on the system Bảo hiểm PVI - Member of PVI Holdings - is the number one insurer in Vietnam and the first Vietnamese insurance enterprise to receive AM Best - the world's leading financial credit rating organization key at B ++ (Good). To serve the diverse insurance needs of customers, especially dynamic customers, prefer modern forms of shopping. PVI Insurance has promoted the connection of information technology application system with major partners to sell insurance by technology. This is a new business trend and PVI Insurance is one of the businesses that prepared the platform very early and applied effectively. Và dưới đây là 05 lý do khiến PVI chọn Insbank: Hiện tại, Insbank đang hỗ trợ 05 loại hình bảo hiểm: